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Pittsburgh Paint


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Pittsburgh Paint


Treat your walls to Pittsburgh Paint

Pittsburgh Paint is one of the most respected brands in painting supplies and accessories today, and we’re proud to offer their full line for use in your home or business. Any painting job near Anderson, Freestone, and Houston County can benefit from the quality coating and vibrant colors available at Joel's Decorating Center.

Paint for inside your home

Turn the perfect walls that you’ve imagined into reality with Pittsburgh Paint. Their colors stay truer to the look of a freshly painted room for longer, thanks to their stain resistant formula. Their finish is also the most washable yet, making it much easier to keep dirty fingerprints and crayon from becoming a permanent part of your decor. The colors that you choose for your walls are a reflection of your personality, and you want them to stay bright and clean for as long as possible, which is exactly what Pittsburgh Paints can provide. Available in a full range of textures, including glossy and matte, and a rainbow of colors, Joel's Decorating Center and Pittsburgh Paint can help you completely recharge the look of your home.

Paint for exterior walls and surfaces

Whether you’re looking to repaint your home, your patio, an old shed, or even a treehouse, Pittsburgh Paint has the exterior painting supplies that you need to apply a lasting coat to any outdoor surfaces. With pigments that penetrate the surface and are easily absorbed into porous materials like wood and stone, you’ll get a color that’s sure to stick. We offer just as many bright and colorful options for the outdoors as we do for interior paints, and the same range of subdued neutrals as well. So give Timmy’s treehouse a nice coat of blue, or redo the trim along the front of the house with a nice crisp white, and make your home and yard the nicest in the neighborhood.
Pittsburgh Paint offered at Joel’s Decorating Center in Palestine TX
Pittsburgh Paint offered at Joel’s Decorating Center in Palestine TX


Pittsburgh Paints are formulated to go on smooth and last the test of time, but to make sure that you get the best performance out of your paint, a primer should always be applied before the painting begins. It offers a layer that protects against dirt and stains, creates the ideal surface for paint to adhere to, and helps to seal out moisture. The duo of Pittsburgh Paint and Primer is unstoppable when it comes to color coverage and lasting quality. Joel's Decorating Center carries a full line of both, to ensure that all your painting needs are taken care of, including the prep work.


Joel's Decorating Center also carries a full line of Pittsburg Paint brand stains, so any woodworking project that you have in the works can be finished exactly the way that you want it. From hardwood floors to antique furniture, from back patios to beloved rocking chairs, the stain that you need is available right here. We carry a variety of opacities, including:
  • Solid colors - A full color option that hides the wood’s grain completely, but still shows the texture
  • Semi-Opaque - This stain allows hints of the wood’s grain to show, while displaying the texture
  • Semi-Transparent - If you want to show off the grain and texture of the wood while adding subtle color, this stain is for you.
  • Toner - Adds just a hint of color to the wood’s natural shade.
  • Clear - Doesn’t color the wood, but still protects it from damage.
  • And more!