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Get an unbeatable clean with Oreck vacuum cleaners!

If you are looking for the best combination of value and cleaning power in a vacuum, we have the perfect solution for you. Oreck has remained the number one name in vacuum cleaners for decades because of the superior craftsmanship and enduring quality that they are known for. Now you can find the best tool for keeping your home clean and your family healthy at Joel's Decorating Center and have an Oreck vacuum cleaner delivered directly to your door in Anderson, Freestone, and Houston County!

Keeping your home flooring free of debris has never been simpler or more effective than with this great products. Many homeowners remember this old favorite from years ago. You will be delighted to know that although the technology has advanced, the hardy construction and long-lasting quality remains the same. We give you the best value and Oreck brings you the finest quality in vacuum cleaners every time!
Oreck Vacuum offered at Joel’s Decorating Center in Palestine TX

The old classic becomes modern again

If you can remember the classic Oreck design from the famous commercials featuring David Oreck himself, you may be wondering what has changed since the company began in 1963. It all started with his hope to make a product that was easier for hotel cleaning staff to use and has become a choice for millions of homes spanning over many decades. This fine line of products has remained innovative even in a market flooded by cheap imitations, gimmicks, and competitors using updated technology to meet the needs of customers like you.
The gold standard that has made Oreck a trusted name in households across the country hasn’t changed, from the steadfast construction to the subtle details that make these vacuums so easy and convenient to use. Here are a few examples of how Oreck has combined the classic, durable construction and modern additions to make your home a better place to be:
  • Lightweight to make moving the vacuum upstairs, downstairs, and around the house easier. Cleaning becomes less of a hassle when you aren’t constantly out of breath and hauling around a bulky unit to get the chores done.
  • Slim design to fit beneath beds, around furniture and into tight corners. This can be great when you have pets that shed constantly or children that drop and crumble snacks under the furniture.
  • Sleek modern looks with a variety of fun colors to choose from. Powerful, and fun to look at, you’ll be glad to be caught in the middle of cleaning the house just to show off your new vacuum!
  • Powerful suction that collects debris like pet hair, dander, dust, and dirt that can become deeply imbedded in rugs and carpets. Don’t just push the dirt and grime around. Pull contaminants straight out from the fibers of your area rugs or carpet floors and enjoy a deeper clean!
  • Air purifying system that can suck odors, pollen, and other harmful irritants from the air. This system improves indoor quality and makes life easier for people who suffer from respiratory ailments like asthma or Hay fever.
  • Optional, convenient functions can make all the difference. Some of these functions include a bagless debris collection unit that can dump dust without spreading it back onto the floor or onto your hands. You can also find detachable, hand-held hose and brush attachments that can be used in the car, on stairs and upholstery, and anywhere else where dust and dirt might hide!