Laminate, a choice to consider

Laminate, a choice to consider

This flooring has been around since the 70s, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be the right choice for your flooring. It has durability, ease of maintenance, water resistance, and affordability, all for your consideration. It is a highly sought-after product. It can be cut into planks or tiles with variations of stone, wood, or ceramic patterns printed. Come by Joel’s Decorating Center to see what we have to offer in this line of products.

There are two types to choose from

Laminate floors were originally not waterproof, so it was avoided in kitchens and bathrooms. However, today, there is a version that is waterproof. So let us know which version you want because the original is still active today.

Laminate lasts

Laminate is meant to last for years with good cleaning and maintenance. It can handle children and pets with ease. Most warranties for these floors last at least 20 years or more.

Does it look good?

Oh yes. Laminate flooring looks fantastic. It will be sure to turn heads whenever you have friends and relatives over. It can be casual and go in a bedroom or game room. Or it can be formal, and go in a dining room or living room. Remember, the look of the laminate can be of wood, stone, or tile. It doesn't fade in sunlight, so it can go in those sunlit areas and remain to look new, year after year.

At Joel’s Decorating Center in Palestine, TX, where we have our showroom, we can show you all the various types of laminate that can go into making your home beautiful. We serve Palestine, Graceland, Crockett, Buffalo, and Fairfield, TX. When you are ready for a change in your home and want something affordable, see us. We are your source for laminate flooring in Palestine, TX. Let us show you what laminate can do for you.