They are both excellent choices. But, ultimately, your selection of carpeting will come down to how much you value specific characteristics.

We'll break it all down for you. That way, you can determine what's best for you, but first:

The basics: What is fiber, and why should I care?

Fiber is the material from which the yarns are made, so it's essentially the rug itself. Be sure to tell the flooring professional where and how you plan to use the rug.

You’ll see a wide assortment of fibers and styles in our carpet store. Please choose wisely as it affects look, feel, performance and lifespan.

Natural fibers

These are harvested from nature, such as plants and animal fur. Wool is the one used for wall-to-wall carpets.

Wool is soft, luxurious, and durable. It also has inherent soil-resistant properties, but you must immediately wipe spills up. Natural fibers are, of course, eco-friendly.

About synthetics

Many see this as the more practical choice. Synthetic rugs tend to be more stain-resistant and budget-friendly.

A nylon floor covering is known for ultra strength and excellent resiliency. The latter is the ability to spring back into shape after compression, such as from furniture legs.

It also has good stain resistance. Nylon stands up to the heaviest wear.

Polyester has superior stain resistance. While it is less expensive than nylon, it is best for moderately busy rooms.

Olefin looks like wool, but it, too, is synthetic. It's durable, budget-friendly, and mainly associated with looped constructions like Berber.

Triexta carpeting is known for strength and permanent stain resistance built into the fiber.

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